Follow me to Jinfo Mountain in Chongqing, China.

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Follow me to Jinfo Mountain in Chongqing, China.


Jinfo Mountain is located in the Nanchuan District of Chongqing. Whenever the summer and autumn are sunny, the setting sun is shining on the cliffs, such as a statue of the Golden Buddha, which is shining and beautiful. At present, the scenic area is open to the west slope and the north slope. There are ropeways on both slopes, which can be played on the west slope and the north slope.

Enteringthe Xipo Scenic Area, you can choose to walk through the 2.5-kilometer BitanValley to the next station. You can also choose to take the scenicsightseeing bus directly to the ropeway station. After taking the mountain, walk slowly along thegolden turtle’s Chaoyang trail, and follow the bamboo forest, viewing platform,etc., all of which can stop at the peak of the peak. It takes about 1.5 hours to get to the visitor center. There is a tour bus to the north slope at the fork infront of the tourist center, but only in the peak season, there is a small vanoperated by the locals during the off-season.

Thenorthern slopes are steep and steep. After taking the cableway up the mountain,you can also walk the ancient road of the Yongling Road, which remains on themountain. There are many natural caves on the hills of thenorthern slope. The ancient caves are the most famous. There is a huge cave inthe cave. The four-walled Buddha statue is very mysterious in the light andshadow. There are 500 Arhats on the side of the cave,and walk along the Rohan array to the exit. The cave is surrounded by cliffs and backed bymountains. When the weather is fine, it is a perfect place to watch the Golden Buddha Sea.

In addition, the other side of the ancient plank road is the ecological stone forest. Compared with other stone forests, the stone forest here is a symbiotic stone forest full of vitality, and the forest and the strange stone complement each other. After the game is over, take the cableway down the mountain and you can leave the scenic spot from the north gate.

It takes at least one day to play JinfoMountain. There are places tostay on the west slope, north slope and the top of the mountain.

Special Note

  • 1. The temperature at the top of JinfoMountain is low, even if it is summer, remember to wear a long-sleeved warmjacket. Otherwise, you canonly rent a coat at the entrance of the scenic spot.

Still very worthwhile to go, the sceneryabove is still possible in winter. It is the ropeway linedup and annoyed. Some of the attractions are not open in the winter.Please note that you can still go if you just want to go up to see the snow. Winterswallow hole and cliff path are closed, please pay attention!

Snow covered plank road

 Jinfo Mountain is located in Nanchuan District of Chongqing. The area of ​​1300 square kilometers covers an area of ​​441 square kilometers. The highest peak is 2283 meters above sea level. The forest coverage rate is above 95%. It is known as the “natural plant exhibition hall” and is known as the eastern Alps. mountain. Jinfo Mountain can enjoy the summer and ski in the winter. When the summer comes, sightseeing of various attractions is not bad.

Plank on the cliff

There are very few 5A scenic spots that I think areworth visiting, and it is the world’s material and cultural heritage scenicspot. The entire scenic area islarge, divided into the west slope, the north slope and the south slope. You can choose to go to Xipo for a day trip. If youhave time to have time, it is recommended to stay for a few more days. Thescenery is beautiful. Cableways and battery cars are required to go tothe West Side unless you are a walking enthusiast. There is a five-star toilet on the way to theGolden Buddha Temple, which is great. Anywhere in the western slope of the picturesare beautiful and do not’s. The volley stack isshocking and not dangerous, and the timid girl can also take pictures. For like the western slopeof sister love selfie natural scenery and wedding photographs.

Plank on the cliff 2

Recommended to buy cars and buy tourist cableway, otherwise the car is really long, long time to openthe mountain. After all, even if you takethe cableway down the mountain, you have to sit for a long time . The ropeway can see the terrain and waterfallsof Jinfo Mountain. The essence is mainly the hanging plank road of JinfoMountain. People who are afraid of heights are expected to be afraid! Although there are manyattractions, it is recommended to go to winter, or the season of azaleas,because there are three highlights: one, snow; two, one hundred years of azaleaforest; three, square bamboo shoots. Summer, summer, winter and can enjoy ❄ ️ skiing, is producing side shoots of the season. Also, if you go in thesummer, then enter the Thousand Buddha Cave, if you feel that you are not thekind ofsuperb , you must remember to renta winter coat, because the hole is only 3-8 degrees Celsius, this is not theaverage person to wear Uniform can withstand.

Slowly moving ropeway

Worth to go, themountain is full of snow, but the fog is very large , the ultraviolet lightis high, it is recommended to wear sunglasses.

Thick snow on the top of the mountain

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