I want to travel to Lingyun Mountain, Nanchong, Sichuan.

Home Travel I want to travel to Lingyun Mountain, Nanchong, Sichuan.
I want to travel to Lingyun Mountain, Nanchong, Sichuan.

Lingyun Mountain Scenic Area is located inGaoping District, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province. It is an international ecological safety tourism demonstration base,AAAA national tourist scenic spot, national forest park, China’s best Fengshuitourism scenic spot, national youth outdoor sports activity camp, provincialgeological park and Sichuan cultural industry demonstration base. Lingyun Mountain is 562.6 meters above sea level. It has the uniquefeatures of Zuo Qinglong, Right White Tiger, Pre-Suzaku, and Hou Xuanwu. Themountains are continuous and the trees are towering. It has four characteristicsof “male,strange, dangerous and quiet”. The ancient temple ofLingyun was built in Han At the end, the existing Zhenwu Palace was rebuilt forthe Qing Daoguang Period. There are naturalwonders such as Yuxianling, Devil’s Tower, Laojun Cave, LaolongCave, Wangfu Cliff, Shegya Cliff and General Tomb . They enjoy the reputation of “Guishan Lingshan”

Lingyun Mountain main entrance

Many attractions, beautiful, very quiet ,great shortrange, are visiting the visitingthe finish.

Inaddition to the tall, peaky mountains,the most distinctive feature here is the stone carved Buddha statue . There are reclining Buddhas, as well as Buddhascarved in the mountains, as well as the great Buddhas that opened themountains. The sculptures are vivid and vivid.

Big Buddha statue

The environment of thewhole scenic spot is indeed fresh and elegant, the road is well built, the airis pleasant, the sanitation is clean, and it is very suitable for leisure travel,that is, exercise and not tiring. It is worth mentioning that in the scenic area, theguides and local young people are very helpful and helpful.

The scenery here is good, the air is relatively fresh,the trails in the mountains are more charming, and the Buddhist culture of thetemple is worth a visit. It is best to drive by yourself. The differencebetween the things in the villa and the outside is not big. You can look at thestone statue and mind if you go.

Thereare a lot of Buddha as well as bridge, a lot of great places to watch, wherethe cakes inthe hands of Suzaku that special delicious but also cheaper than the foot of the mountain, alsoadded a 5 yuan and other egg dishes,special stimulation.

If you go when it’s raining, the whole mountain will be filled with white mist, you can listen to the temple monks chanting meditation, and then go to see the sleeping Buddha andGuanyin. Please note that the climb is very hard, but you can exercise. The residents of the localmountains are very friendly, and the staff whodrive the sightseeing cars are also very dedicated. Friends who want to exercise and relax can comehere to play, and the air is pleasant.

After the rain

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